Saturday, August 27, 2011

We're A THING!

You guys. I'm so freaking excited about moving the blog onto it's own URL. I've been wiggling my tailfeathers (in a manner not unlike one might, say, shake a Polaroid pic-tcha) ALLLLL night. And since today is ALSO the season opening game for SC, Jon was not happy about sharing the bed with what must have felt like a fully grown Tibetan mastiff with a chew toy.

That ^ is a Tibetan Mastiff, not a bear/lion hybrid. I think China needs to get a little more serious about freeing the Tibetans. All it would take is one of these dogs learning "sic em!" to topple the regime entirely.

Don't worry, if you've bookmarked the old Blogspot site, it still redirects here. You won't be lost on the interwebz. If you are lost, you can also now email me directly at

AND- Jon is an admin too! So you can look forward to his guest contributions! If I can talk him into it.

And, if  digital awesomeness hadn't worked me into a lather enough already: I FINALLY got my Pinterest invite. So I'm going to go collect pictures of stuff that's really pretty now.


  1. Will the rss feed from the old site continue to update with these posts, or should I update my feed reader?

  2. Andrew, Thanks for your comment! The feed *should continue. Here's a test: I posted this entry @ the new URL, so if it showed up in your feed reader you should be A-OK.