Monday, November 7, 2011

The Adventurous Adult at Work.

Secretary Lauren is pretty different from blogger Real Lauren.

First of all, my boss is under the assumption that I'm a conservative (LOL.). I didn't do anything to lead him in that direction, it's just that when politics come up, all I do at work is smirk and nod. I don't AGREE, I don't DISAGREE. I know. That's tres shocking. Apparently you CAN pay me to keep quiet. I'm such a stand-up person.

Secretary Lauren is quiet, serious, agreeable (even if my face doesn't show it) and doesn't reference zombies. She's boring. I hate her. But I need her to make money to support Jon's nasty college and football habit. So we've mutually agreed to occupy the same headspace until Real Lauren doesn't need a roomie to split the rent with.

There's gonna be some crossover.

Our break room is supplied with the cast off dinnerware of the employees. I donated Jon's oversize bachelor cereal bowls. Brooke donated a set of old Oneida silverware. I resisted the urge to tell her that Oneida began as a religious cult. I figured since I told her that her coffee type beverage smelled like antifreeze two weeks ago, I should let this one slide. At the time of the Antifreeze/coffee incident, we had 18 forks. Last Wednesday, we had 2.

Brooke Messaged Shaina and Secretary Lauren about it. But Real Lauren answered.

Brooke: "We're missing 16 forks. We should make a poster."

Real Lauren: "Obviously"

Shaina: "And I'm missing some spoons from home, too."


All: "ROFL"

Brooke and Shaina kept the conversation going. Real Lauren, however, was busy.

And this one:

Crap. Real Lauren got out. At work. That hussy.

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  1. Haha, this was very creative and funny. Brought a smile to my face.

    The "we'll still probably tease you a little" was very honest. Well, the "little" is relative I suppose.