Monday, December 12, 2011

CSPAN. It's a Nanny-Cam for Congress.

You need to be watching C-Span.


Because the soundbites you are hearing and the headlines you are seeing aren't just "part of the truth" about what your congressmen are up to. They're flat out contradictory. And C-Span is like a nanny cam on our legislative branch.

Things I've learned from watching C-Span
  • Congresspersons are tired. Or the desks are really comfy. Because if you tune in in the middle of the afternoon, there are more heads on desks than a game of Heads Up Seven Up.
  • Congresspersons are busy. Too busy to be in Congress. There are plenty of extra desks. enough for the nappers to spread out a little.
  • Congresspersons forget about cameras. I think. I mean, unless they totaly MEANT to get busted picking their nose just then.
  • The capitol has wifi and congresspersons know how to use it. To stream netflix to their IPads.
  • It doesn't matter what congressional Republicans SAY about no increased taxes in the news. In congress, they're for them.
Remember back in August when we made the debt deal? Republicans held out till the last available moment over the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts. That was their hardline. No. Tax. Raises. Anything but tax raises. When Obama suggested ending tax cuts (for only the people who earn 1 million dollars a year or more, 1% of americans who own 80% of our GDP and only pay taxes on 40% of THAT). That's a really funny link on an incredibly boring thing, for you people who didn't spend your college weekends at a podium in a Hilary-Clinton-Castoff pantsuit debating these kind of economics.

Now, Obama is struggling to get Senate Republicans to extend those very same tax cuts for the middle class. If Senate Republicans don't pull through for us in less than 20 days, taxes go up for everyone who makes less than 1 million dollars.

What the dueces happened between August and now?


Republican lawmakers think we've stopped paying attention.

They think we're so distracted by the failure of the Supercommittee, and the OWS movement, GOP Debate soundbites, Black Friday Violence and the holidays that none of us (or not enough of us to make a stink) will notice that while they may be chanting "No New Taxes" on the campaign trail, they're trying to raise our taxes on the capital.

Well I haven't. My friends haven't.

This isn't a Democrat thing. If I'd been supporting Republicans all along I'd probably by doubly irked. After all, the Republican base supported these people because of their promises, and now they aren't just not delivering, they are actively doing the opposite.

Remember this post? If you're local to me, you're senator's contact info is at the bottom. Get ahold of him and let him know that if he so much as picks his nose, you will be watching. And you don't want to see him raise your taxes.

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  1. C-Span is on a lot at my house. Politicians and their BS really drive me up the wall.

    I like your political attitude. Take no prisoners!