Monday, December 19, 2011

Is This Like Parenthood?

This weekend, I was bitten, pooped on, my arm was used as a bath-time escape hatch, and I was soaked in Aveeno Baby soap. Thanks, Vlad. He also pooped IN the bath. Twice.

And I STILL like him.

Is this what parenthood is like?

(Probably not. First of all, because an angry/upset hedgehog only makes itself more adorable and funny, and an angry/upset baby makes itself louder and more obnoxious. And I can't put a baby in a cage with some cat food, a water bottle, some PVC tubes and an exercise wheel and expect it to entertain itself for 10+ hours.)


  1. Hahahhaha, Boyfriend was over when I was reading this and he looked at it and said "Hey, I used to put my kid in a cage with an exercise wheel..."

    So....I guess it is what parenthood is like!

  2. No, you can't put a baby/toddler in a cage and leave it for 10 hours....if I remember correctly you can't put a 3 year old in her bedroom for a nap without supervision. Because she will find a skein of yarn and literally tie herself in her room causing you to hunt for the scissors you hid from her so that you can "cut" your way back into her room! Maybe I should start a blog called "Lauren's Adventures in Childhood"!

  3. Aunt said...

    OOOHHHHHH yeah sister, DO IT!!! I will read it and be a FOLLOWER and add some great comments!!

    As for being a mommy... yes, you will be pooped on, bitten, used in some way to escape, peed on... etc. AND you will also be the target of MANY nerf darts!! But the great thing is that hedgehogs don't talk... kids do!! :)