Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Makin' Stuffs For Kids.

Sometimes I make stuff. It makes me feel like God a bit, on a very very small scale. I especially like "creating" for kiddos. Mostly because now when I do elementary-age crafts, I look like a friggin pro.

I made my cousins a pair of sock-puppets this Christmas:

This one is for Tyce. 

This one is for Barrett. 

Yeah, it's a little weird to give the fangy-one to the little-er one. But the fangy-one was little-er arm-er friendli-er one, too. So it worked out. (psst...The secret of success in sock puppets is to sew pom-poms inside their faces to give them shape, like nostrils and eyebrow ridges.) 

Barrett made me something too. Well. Me and Vlad:

They were buds for a second, but Vlad wanted to "share" one of his toothpick "quills". And by "share", I mean pull it out like a hedgehog version of Excalibur and parade victoriously around the coffee table. I need to start worrying that Vlad will lead the coup to oust me from my probably-totally-really-happening meglomaniacal world-domination.


  1. heheheheheh Vlad sounds adorable. Take vids! And those are awesome sock puppets.

  2. I wanna make stuff. I tried to sew buttons on a sock once to make eyes and my sock puppet looked like he had been in a car accident and permanently disfigured. My daughter is now terrified of puppets.

    I'm a terrible father

  3. Here's a blank check and my home address. Pay yourself any amount, but please, send me a fanged sock puppet. That is so, freaking, awesome.