Monday, December 12, 2011


The other day, when I came home from work, Jon said "Hey, we had a pipe burst."

I said aloud "What?!"
I said in my head "That sounds expensive and floody."

"Yeah, a pipe froze and burst. But I fixed it"


What a feller, right?

But that's not all.

Last night, I walked into the living room and he was watching "Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoons on Netflix. Adorable. Jon is nesting for the arrival of our bundle of joy and sharpness on Wednesday. After he spent most of the day teaching me plumbery things about PVC pipe bits that I need to build my hedgehog cage.

He's swell.

AND. I'm not the only one who thinks so.

After just 2 weeks of interning as an assistant wrestling coach for a local school district, they've decided he's responsible and awesome enough to have HIS OWN TEAM OF MEDIUM SIZED CHILDREN IN TIGHTS! (Ok. tights and sweatpants. And headgear.)

Jon says this is not a big deal because they told him this might happen when he started. But I say 2 weeks is a record amount of time to convince someone that you are trustworthy enough to deal with middle school children unsupervised these days. And that having "Head Coach" of anything on your resume BEFORE YOU EVEN GRADUATE is pretty spiffy (as my Bama would say).

Hey Disney? You paying attention? THIS is the kind of Prince every little Princess needs to be looking for.

Oh hey, I just realized I need to explain that it's ok for me to tease wrestlers about spandex because I was one. And had to wear the spandex. And the headgear. Plus a little bonnet thing to prevent hair pulling.


  1. Swoon is right! You've got yourself a good one, girlie. And you're absolutely right. Being entrusted with middle school children two weeks into what he's doing is a really big deal.

    Dontcha just love a real man?

  2. Hey hey hey, EVERYONE is allowed to tease wrestlers about spandex.