Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LAIA is "OFF" Today while Congress Considers SOPA

MPAA lobbyists have paid 94 million dollars lobbying Congress to allow corporations to edit the single most important step humanity has made in the exchange of ideas since language itself. The Internet.

We don't stand for that 'round these parts. So I'm "OFF" the internet in protest. MPAA calls protesting irresponsible, and says that blacking out deprives potential users information. Which is incredibly ironic, considering that's exactly what SOPA does. While claiming to prevent piracy, what SOPA really does is sell the internet to Big Entertainment and handily eliminate their market competition and detractors.

I'm on of the "artists" MPAA claims this bill is to "protect" and I'm telling you it does no such thing.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this. Then go here and let your rep know that you are against corporate censorship of the internet. If that's not personal enough for you, you can get your rep's contact info here. Or if you live near me, these two douchcanoes could use a call:

 Then get off the dang internet while we wait to see if congress sells the whole thing to Hollywood for a cool 94 mil. 

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