Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolution- Succeeded Early!

Making a New Years resolution is like rubbing a magic lamp and making a wish, but knowing that you yourself are in fact are the genie. Somewhere this season, a Jiminy Cricket stand in is crooning "wheeeeennnn youuuu wish upooon your seeeeeeelllllfff...."

In 2011, I actually accomplished my resolution (more on that later). So when I resolved this year to leave my day job and head into more creative waters, I fully anticipated pulling on my genie pants (like "big girl pants" but with glitter) and making my own magic sometime around Jon's graduation. Little did I know that my bosses would metaphorically don the be-glittered harem pants/fez/vest-without-shirt combo and give me a shove in the resolution direction this morning. 

"Company" let me go. 

Resolution Half-Completed! And it's only January 4!

It's ok. Really. It is. The biggest thing I'm feeling is relief. I was unhappy there and "Company" could tell. I thought I hid it well. Who knows. With a face like this, maybe I WAS hiding it, but they interpreted my average face as discontent. In that case... is there some sort of government program for plastic surgery to make people look happier at their jobs? A Stimulus Package to Fake Stimulating Facial Expressions? I know a solid 3 freshmen representatives and 1 Republican presidential nominee in desperate need of new economy talking points. (hint- all 4 have helmet hair) (hint- the previous hint is a horrible hint). 

 It's not going to be as easy as if I had stuck it out for the 4 months and left on my own terms. Jon is graduating, our lives are changing, and whether or not I liked my job, I went in knowing it wasn't forever. "Company" is a great company. My experience was positive and informative.  I came out having learned some absolutely invaluable lessons about the business world and corporate culture that I never would have in school. It's obviously preferable to be the breakup-er rather than the breakup-ee, but I think the split is mutually positive. If I can survive the bachellorette party for the girl who slept with my fiance freshman year of college (ooooooh boy is that a story) to find the real love of my life? I can definitely handle my job leaving me. At least my job isn't going to make me sit through a presentation requiring me to pass "toys" to my replacement while her stepdad -wearing nothing but some white satin boxers concealing an even whiter satin thong and a bowtie- had her and her best friend bobbing for strawberries.

And THAT ^ dear readers, is what you have to look forward to while I'm searching for a short term job to carry us till Jon gets a long term job to carry us and I can go back to doing that thing I told you to look forward to temporarily, but on a permanent basis, and for money. Which is a more attentive blogger. Which means either better or more content. I got a cool new computer dohicky to draw cartoons (It's a Bamboo pad), and now I have time to figure out how it works! AND, Sorry folks, but I have to start making money off of you guys. So at the end of the week, I'm adding some ad space (you have time to prepare yourself- I have time to take down my Christmas decorations). I'm also working on some special election coverage, and do do do do doooooooo!  A STORE! Where you can buy ridiculous things emblazoned with the ridiculous things I say and draw and God only knows what else! And I feel comfortable saying these things because I have extra free time to follow through on them! Which means that of course, I will have a new job tomorrow and won't be able to follow through on them! Which is also okay with me!

Happy New Year! I hear Stephen Hawking is looking for someone to manage his vocal apparatus!


  1. Sounds like a lot of hope here! Glad to read it. Life certainly is not easy, at times. Really sorry about the disappointment. One step at a time...

  2. 1. I'm sorry you lost your job. I got let go from a job I absolutely hated, but it still stinks.
    2. I got a tablet too! Adjusting is hard.

  3. Ha! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who isn't a natural with these tablets. My biggest issue is that when I lift up the pen, drawing does not stop. I feel like it should stop. The tablet disagrees.

  4. Sorry to hear about the unexpected job break-up, but I'm glad to hear it was mostly welcomed. You've got a great outlook on it and it sounds like things are going according to plan. And I hope that new Bamboo apparatus brings about some wicked cartoonage!