Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Wine and Winos.

This is what wine is:

A dead, half putrefied grape, who wants to consume your brain cells. Gross, right? <This is my brain on too-much-Jon-playing-Madden-in-the-background.

On the other hand...

Did I just cure wino-ism? I can't eat bone in chicken because it reminds me too much of the poor bird's miserable, arsenic ridden life. Maybe if I convince myself to feel sympathy/be grossed out by grapes, we won't have to shop for smaller wine glasses anymore.

I think I did.

You are welcome.

What's that you say? Test it out before I make broad sweeping declarations?

*Stares hard at grape-zombie*

*Glug Glug* (oh, ahem, I mean *sip, sip*)

Nevermind. Those rotten little buggers are delicious.


  1. Hahaha. I saw the title and went, "Awwww, she wrote a post about me! How sweet!" :P

  2. the grape zombie is classic , it should make a reappearance

    what sometimes works is if you have to do it the chicken, kill it yourself and cook it...i don't think i could eat it...maybe uh try to make ur own wine, that's reasonable right?