Monday, January 16, 2012

YO. Can I Borrow Your Attentions for Something Important on MLK Day?

Amelia Rivera is a beautiful, brown eyed toddler from Pennsylvania who needs a life saving operation to survive. Her parents have fought an uphill battle for her and they could use a hand. Amelia needs a kidney transplant. Oh don't worry. She doesn't need yours. She isn't even on the list, her new kidney will come from her family. What Amelia really needs is a medical team who aren't giant asshats, to take the kidney out of that selfless donor and put it in Amelia.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Transplant Team refuses to perform the surgery.

Because Amelia is, in CHOPTT's own words, "mentally retarded". They say it's a "quality of life" issue. They feel that Amelia's quality of life is better non-existent than disabled. She will die within the year without a surgery, and the Transplant Team looked Amelia's mother in the eye and told her that Amelia's life "wasn't eligible" for saving because of her handicap.

Please take a second to read Amelia's Mom's description of her experience with the Transplant Team and Social Worker on Jan 10th. I can't do what happened to her justice. It's absolutely unbelievable. The Transplant Team's spokesperson actually met this mother's anger with these words:

                         "He pauses as if he is choosing his words carefully. “I have been warned about you. About how involved you and your family are with Amelia.”

How involved she is. With her own daughter. Right? "Oh, how dare that mom. Fighting for the flawed little life of her child. She needs to step back. She's too close. This family is too intense." CHOPTT are beyond douchecanoes. I can't even think of a bad enough thing to call them. This is evil. This is just evil. What else could it be? 

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He fought for equality. Not just for African Americans, but for all the disenfranchised. This was a man who was keenly aware of injustice everywhere. This is a terrible, terrible injustice. This is life or death discrimination. MLK would have thought Amelia's life was worth saving, and I do to.

It seems like so terribly little to do for her, but HERE is a petition to CHOP's executives on Amelia's behalf. Please go sign it, and stay posted for other ways to help the Rivera Family. And remember- Pro-Life doesn't end at birth. Put your John Hancock where your mouth is. 

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  1. Ugh, so sad. I've been seeing tweets about it all over the place. I hope they change their minds