Monday, March 26, 2012

In Which I am Over-Friendly to Famous Internet Lady.

Jennifer Lawson, "The Bloggess", is pretty much the coolest person on the internet. She's one third of the reason that I decided to share my own weirdness with the digital world, despite the fact that I'm mostly ordinary. She's also the reason I've been trying to get my hands on a metal chicken for 2 years. But occasionally, depression/anxiety (the lying bastard) slithers down the apple tree (see what I did there... depression is the devils) and throws Jenny out of eden and too far into false darkness.

I'm guessing. I don't know her. So I shouldn't really be so presumptuous. But she brightens my day, and when depression steals her away it's like someone put out a twinkly little star.

Same with Allie Brosh. She's the mad comic genius behind Hyperbole and A Half. And depression/anxiety blindsided her and took away the awesome cartoons about dogs that are responsible for the coffee stains I accidentally dribbled onto the desk at my old job. Turns out a good laugh and a gulp of coffee cannot occupy the same space in my mouth. Allie Brosh taught me that. *melodramatic, teary sniffle*

I don't have depression. When I get sad, I know why I'm sad. There's a reason. And I can fix it. I can get happy again. Apparently that's a luxury, because 18.8 million adults suffer depression in any given year. An inappropriately large number of those people are "creative"- artists, musicians, writers. My peeps. The people who entertain you, who make you think, laugh, cry, feel better, whatever: sometimes it might be nice if we returned the favor.

So today when The Bloggess tweeted/blogged that she was having some trouble, I went into helpfully-over-friendly-where-is-the-"stalker"-line-again?-mode. I, and everyone else who reads Jenny's blog, know that she thinks hedgehogs taking a bath are a good reason to laugh. She could maybe use a good reason to laugh. I happened to have a dirty hedgehog. He's not a very exciting bath taker, but, you know, whatever I can do to help.

Click the pic.

Go make someone else happier today. Even if it's only a little happier, even if you aren't sure that it will work or they'll even get the message.

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  1. I saw your tweet and totes watched that video. AWWW Vlad.