Monday, April 23, 2012

I Made a Board Game.

It's my cousin Barrett's 8th B-day. Picking out a toy to give him is impossible. Inevitably, the colorful plastic dohicky I choose is A.) Lame because come-on-Lauren-that-toy-is-for-babies-he--uses-an-iPad-for-crying-in-the-night, B.) Highly destructable, C.) Already in his toy box.

He's been really into "Angry Birds" for a while, and I heard a rumor he wants a checker board...

Do you see where this is going?

CRAFT TIME! One 12"x12" scrapbook paper box, 12 wooden ball-with-flat-side-that-is-technically-called-a-dowel-finishers, some craft foam, and some paint later, and VOILA! Angry Checkers.

Open the box, the board is in the lid.

The pieces, pigs vs. birds.
All ready to play. This 8 yo is going to kick my butt. 


  1. mmm, did somebody say something about *wedding presents?*... no? hmm... must just be me imagining some "awesome"!

  2. Cool is not the word... it is AWESOME!!! I'm so happy that it is in our family now... Barrett will NEVER take it out of this house even when he leaves forever... I will keep it for my grandkids though :) That's how much I LOVE it!!

    Thanks Lauren.

  3. this is amazing, I just love the look of it...i want one...I can't remember how to play checkers...but i want one!!!