Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Utterly Disappointing 100th Post.

Dear Interwebz,

I can't think of anything utterly spectacular to do with my 100th post, so I think doing nothing remotely special is the way to go. No one wants a mediocre milestone. It's fabulous or bust, and I pick bust.

Andplusalso- If you are the first person to read this post, you are my 10,000th visitor. Congratulations on wandering into my corner of the internet at such a fortuitous time! In you honor, I'll continue haunting the Going-Out-Of-Business sale at our local Dillard's until the leather computer-bag-sized-purse I've stalked for a year dips into a price range compatible with buying it for myself to congratulate myself on my own achievement.   I know you'd want me to look the part of committed blogger. So really I'm doing it for you.

Honestly, I'm not great at sticking with things. I'm surprised that I made it this "far" (and it's not all that far, honestly, 100 posts/ 10,000 views is a modest start), and this quickly. My "plan" when I started this blog late last July was to do this in 1 year, and I've jumped the gun by a few months. I guess on the internet, I'm not an underachieving procrastinator. Whoda thunk.

Thanks so much for reading, it's been an honor and a pleasure entertaining and offending you. Here's to ten thousands more of you and hundreds more posts from me.


Lauren Ritta
Amateur Adult


  1. Congrats!!! I am like 4 posts away and it took me a long long time...procrastination: mastered!